For our Narrative & Healing framework, Rhiza integrates processes of storytelling, arts, and healing with methods of psychosocial support, to strengthen local systems of care and mobilize collective capacities for resilience and recovery.


Here is some of our Narrative & Healing work:



Although the international refugee crisis has mostly faded from the media, the reality on the ground for millions of refugees worldwide remains a crisis. In Greece, the refugee camps and communities are floundering in the face of diminishing resources as the number of refugee arrivals has surged, with people desperately seeking to make the trip before winter falls. Nearly 7000 refugees are crowded into camps in Lesvos that are meant to house 2500. Once viewed as a temporary entry point for refugees, Greece has now become a years-long stop on an indefinite journey.

Our project Heal into Action builds on the previous work we have done in Greece. The integrated training we have developed creates a foundation of healing for refugee communities, as well as the frontline staff supporting them, to collectively process their experience and manage trauma, create narratives of their experience through storytelling and theatre, and develop advocacy skills to insert their stories and perspectives into policy discussions.